April 6, 2011

Perfect Shave, Weldon Barber Spokane – Part 2

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Benefits of a getting a professional, straight razor shave at Weldon Barber Spokane – Part 2

YWeldon Barber Spokaneou’ve already learned that Weldon Barber Spokane, in all four locations, offers professional straight razor shaves. Plus, the benefits of a Weldon Barber Spokane shave were discussed in our last post. You get a relaxing experience that also exfoliates, stimulates the skin, and promotes the production of collagen … resulting in skin that looks and feels smoother and younger. Here are more benefits!

No More Nicks, Cuts, or Razor Burn

An important first step that our skilled barbers at Weldon Barber Spokane take is to moisten the beard with hot towels before beginning the actual shave. Most men simply apply soap or plain water to their beards, and then shave away, setting themselves up for cuts, nicks, and razor burn. A hot towel treatment before the shave softens the skin and stubborn facial hair and all but guarantees a smooth and effortless shave.

Our barbers also use shaving creams specifically designed to moisturize and protect the skin, ensuring a smooth shave and a healthy and youthful appearance. Furthermore, the extra-sharp blade guarantees a close shave, but not too close to irritate the skin.

Finally, our professional barbers use a single blade instead of multiple blades for the simple reason that multiple blades tend to pick up debris and rake it across the face, embedding it into the skin and causing irritation. You’ll discover just how much more comfortable it is when there is only one blade moving across your skin instead of two or three.

A Relaxing Experience at Weldon Barber Spokane

Let’s not forget how relaxing a professional shave can be. The hot towel treatment alone is enough to eliminate any stress you may have brought with you into the barbershop. In fact, a professional shave is so relaxing that many men often fall asleep while they are being shaved.

So why not contact us to set up an appointment for a haircut and professional, hot-towel shave from our expert barbers at one of our four locations, Weldon Barber Spokane. You’ll be glad you set up an appointment to experience Weldon Barber Spokane!


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